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8 years ago we lost our friends...

Rob & Tash,
Jorja & Alexis Davey and their Malamutes Neo & Mishk

Sadly lost to us in the Black Saturday fires of
7 February 2009

It may have been 8 years ago that we lost you, but you are still sadly missed,
iving on in our memories...



Adoption Success Stories










Back in July 2009 we received a call from our local pound about a Malamute named Jasper who was in their care and in need of a new home. 

Jasper had lived in a home with broken fencing, and being a typical Malamute he would let himself out on a regular basis and frequented the local pub.  The rangers were regularly being called to pick him up, and the owner’s uncle would come and collect him.  Apparently this had happened more than 20 times over a period of 4 years, so the pound staff got to know Jasper quite well.  Then came the time when Jasper found himself in the pound and no one came to collect him - the owner had a new baby and decided she no longer wanted him, so poor Jasper had been abandoned.

The Nillumbik pound staff had come to love Jasper as he was such an easy going Malamute – a gentle giant with an exceptional nature towards other dogs, particularly considering he was an entire male.  He had lived with a Staffy and on one of their escapades through the streets the Staffy got in a fight with another dog, yet Jasper did not join in.  So, despite our local pound not being for long term “inmates”, the girls at the pound had a soft spot for him and kept him there in the hope someone would eventually give him a chance.

We returned from our snow trip to learn that Jasper was still at the pound and that there had been no interest at all despite him being listed on the AMCV website for some time.  Ralph took a bit of persuasion, but eventually agreed to bringing Jasper to our place on a trial basis to see if he might fit in.  With seven other dogs it can create problems when a new dog arrives, particularly an entire male, and of course we had concerns about him trying to continue his escaping ways so I must confess we were not overly optimistic.

So, after a month at the pound Jasper came into our care.  Most of our other dogs made alot of noise and commotion when he arrived, some of it not so friendly, however being the only entire male at our place the girls all took an instant liking to him.  Luckily Jasper did not react at all to the grumpy boys of our family, preferring to turn and walk away from conflict which made it all so much easier.

We first tethered Jasper to Rob and Tash’s dog float while we sorted out who was going where in our yards, and he took an instant liking to lying in it and jumped in and out of the float and untangled himself like a pro – he was obviously used to being tied up and sleeping in a confined space.

When we fed our dogs that night he looked at the lamb neck we gave him like it was a foreign object, and was quite tentative as he realised it was actually edible and started to chew on it.  The same for breakfast - it took some time and some extra meat in the bowl before he decided the mix of dry food, veges and oats was actually fit for canine consumption, he now loves it. 

Our next test was to take Jasper on a weekend of sledding.  It started well, with Jasper jumping straight into our truck (most of our others need to be lifted!) and settling down in his cubicle for the trip – there was no fuss with all the other dogs around him which can be a problem in such a confined space. 

When we arrived there he was cabled to our truck with the others, which he accepted as if he had always been a part of the family.  Our cheeky young fellow Gus tried to razz him up, but Jasper didn’t respond so they ended up with tails wagging – things were looking more and more promising for Jasper.

Then we decided to give Jasper a go at sledding which was a totally new experience for him, so we harnessed him up with no expectations at all.  To our delight and amazement Jasper took off and ran the whole way around the 2 km course, passing other dogs without paying any attention and running out in front pulling the scooter as if he had done it all his life.  Jasper was certainly doing everything right to win Ralph over!

And he wasn’t the only Mal to display the strong sledding instinct they have – that same weekend Colin and Sharen’s foster girl Shelby did the same running well in their team on her first time in harness.  We always say that Malamutes have a natural instinct to pull in harness, but still when we see it happen with a completely inexperienced Mal it never ceases to amaze us.  What an incredible breed we have.

Jasper is not a noisy dog but rather “squeaks” when he wants to be closer to us, so we joke that he needs oiling!  We suspect he may have been either in the house or on the back doorstep at his previous home, but over time he seems to have got used to his new digs.  Anyhow, Jasper has passed all the tests and will be spending the rest of his life as part of our furry family.

We would encourage anyone thinking of expanding their Malamute family to consider adopting a dog in need.  Of course precautions need to be taken and a trial is always a good idea before making any decisions, but with so many dogs needing new homes it is very rewarding to be able to give one a chance.

I would like to thank the girls of the Nillumbik pound for giving this lovely fellow every chance – they do an amazing job which must so often be heartbreaking and in very difficult circumstances.

But at least this time there is a happy ending for one dog - lucky Jasper!

Tyson (formerly known as Joshua)

Joshua became the subject of much attention when he found himself at the Bendigo RSPCA, having been through two owners both of whom could not cope with him.

Joshua we suspect is a Malamute with a bit of Husky in him, and there had been a prospective adoptee who changed their mind at the last minute, leaving Joshua with only days to go and very little time to find a new owner.

Luckily before his euthanasia date came up, the staff from the Bendigo RSPCA contacted us on a Saturday with Joshua’s plight as they thought he was a lovely young dog of great temperament who needed another chance.

What followed was a whirlwind of activity and by the end of the weekend a heap of funds had been raised for Joshua’s release fee via the Malamute chat lists, and a prospective new owner was found.

The following week Ralph made 2 trips to Bendigo, the first one on Monday to sign the paperwork and pay the fee to secure Joshua’s release, then again the following Saturday to collect him from the Bendigo vet following desexing, which is one of the RSPCA’s requirements.

Joshua was indeed a lovely natured dog, however the Husky part of him meant that he was pretty good at scaling fences, so on a couple of occasions we found he had climbed his way into yards with our other dogs.  Luckily he is a very friendly chap and no damage was done, in fact most of our Mallies thought it was a bit of a hoot having a new dog jump into their yards with them!

Joshua went to his new home in Brighton to live with Pete, Angie and their dog Niki for a trial period – we kept our fingers crossed that all went well and that he did not attempt to escape!

Joshua and Niki played together and became inseparable, and Niki is apparently losing her excess weight with all the exercise the energetic Joshua is giving her.

His trial period is over and he is now a permanent part of Angie & Pete’s family, having been renamed Tyson and claiming a favourite spot outside their sliding door.

We would like to thank the Bendigo RSPCA for the special effort they put into find Joshua a new home, and of course a big thank you to his new owners, Angie & Peter.


Maya first became known to us as a nameless female Malamute in the Blacktown Council Pound up in NSW.

With many phone calls to the pound regarding the dogs they had up there it was finally determined that this nameless girl was available for adoption but did not have much time left.

Barb Trytko to the rescue – Barb is an AMCV member who lives up in NSW, and made the 3 hour return journey at the last minute to rescue this Mally girl from the pound. 

Barb & Tim named her Maya after the dog who was rescued at the last minute in the Eight Below film, and were prepared to foster her for as long as it took to find her a suitable new home.

It appears that Maya may not have always been treated so kindly as she was quite timid and flinched when Barb gave her a tummy rub, however the pound staff said she was quite a sweet dog and had responded well to gentle encouragement.

Luckily a new home in NSW was found very quickly and Maya settled in well and getting over her shyness.  Her companion is Kodiak, a bouncy 18 month old Mallie boy from Koolrunnings in Canberra, and apparently they are getting on well.


Diesel is a 2 year old Malamute who was surrendered to the Burwood RSPCA.  It appears that his previous owner had left Diesel with his parents, but being so boisterous and excitable they could not handle or control him. 

He had been on our referral list for quite some time before we heard that an adoption had been arranged.  Unfortunately the adoption fell through so, as with Joshua, Diesel found himself with very few days left to find a new home before his time was up.

As his stay at the RSPCA had been prolonged he had started exhibiting behaviours of normal young frustrated Malamute, however the behavioural specialist decided that he was no longer suited for general adoption, which clearly was a wise move.  The staff at the Burwood RSPCA contacted us for help as they had fallen in love with Diesel and wanted to give him every chance. 

With so many dogs going through their facility and so many ending up being euthanased, for Diesel to get such special attention by the staff we knew he must be a very special boy. 

Diesel has now found a lovely new home with Yvonne and Les who had recently lost their 11 year old Malamute boy Stone, and were keen to save another Mally from death row.

He has settled in very and lives with Sarah who is a 10 year old but very active Kelpie cross.

We thank the RSPCA staff for taking the time and caring enough to contact us for help, and of course Yvonne and Les for giving him a wonderful new home – Diesel is one very lucky boy!



Abby came into the Burwood RSPCA from Mildura and stayed with us on a foster care basis for a short while.  Abby is unusually obedient for a Malamute, is very affectionate and just loved to be around us, so we knew she would make a lovely pet for someone.

Luckily for Abby, our friends were looking for a companion for their old boy Sisko, and hoped Abby might be the ideal girl for them.

Abby and Sisko had a successful meet & greet and a couple of weeks later Abby was adopted and has never looked back.

Sisko and Abby get along famously, and having the bouncy Abby around has brought a new spark to the old boy and she even shares his bed on occasion!

So our cheeky girl who loves tummy rubs has now found herself a wonderful new home and is very much loved and part of the family.


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