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8 years ago we lost our friends...

Rob & Tash,
Jorja & Alexis Davey and their Malamutes Neo & Mishk

Sadly lost to us in the Black Saturday fires of
7 February 2009

It may have been 8 years ago that we lost you, but you are still sadly missed,
iving on in our memories...


Understanding the Alaskan Malamute



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The Malamute is an arctic sledding breed that originated in the Kotzebue Sound area of Alaska with the Inuit Eskimo tribes. The breed is thousands of years old. 

The Malamutes were highly prized by the Eskimos and were a necessity for their survival. They were used as a working animal that was required to pull moderately heavy loads for long distances at a steady pace. This is in contrast to their cousin from across the Behring Strait, the Siberian Husky, which is a smaller, finer-boned dog used to pull lighter loads for shorter distances at a quicker pace.

Although the Malamute is thought by some to resemble the wolf, there is no evidence that they are any more closely related to the wolf than a Poodle, Chihuahua, Basset Hound or any other breed of domestic dog.  

The Malamute and wolf both developed in the same arctic environment which is the reason there are many similarities in physical attributes and appearance, particularly those characteristics such as coat and structure which are integral to arctic survival.   The temperaments towards humans, however, are vastly different between the wolf and Malamute.  The Malamute will happily cohabitate with humans and consider them with respect, while the wolf will consider the human simply as prospective prey!

To understand the Malamute mind you need to acknowledge and understand its origins as a hunting and working dog of the arctic regions. Many of the instincts which allowed the Malamute to survive in the harsh Alaskan environment are well embedded and remain extremely strong in the breed today, despite their many years now as backyard pets.

For this reason any prospective Malamute owner needs to do their homework about the breed and be aware that the pet Malamute will still have a strong urge to hunt other animals (sometimes including smaller pets), dig, roam over huge distances, be stubborn and a challenge to train, and often will be prepared to fight another dog over food.  The Malamute is not the ideal breed as a family pet, for the first dog owner or for those who are not prepared to take on the role of pack leader.




Written by Sandy Koch for Malamutes 4 Adoption - not to be reproduced without acknowledgement


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