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8 years ago we lost our friends...

Rob & Tash,
Jorja & Alexis Davey and their Malamutes Neo & Mishk

Sadly lost to us in the Black Saturday fires of
7 February 2009

It may have been 8 years ago that we lost you, but you are still sadly missed,
iving on in our memories...



Activities for the Malamute   
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The Malamute is a working dog who will be happy to tackle almost any working activity.  Being a sledding breed the Alaskan Malamute has a natural instinct to pull, often at inappropriate times.  Rather than finding yourself dragged down the street on your walks, it's a good idea to harness that energy into an activity that the Malamute has a natural ability for. Most Malamutes will take to working activities fairly easily and with much enthusiasm, and working your Malamute can help take some of the frustration out of him or her and make for a better companion.

fastteam.jpg (27638 bytes)Beware!  In most cases it's not a good idea to walk this breed in a walking harness.  Harnesses are designed to give the dog maximum comfort and pulling power - a combination which means minimum control for the handler.  Put any fit and healthy Malamute into any sort of harness and you are giving him the message to lean in and pull, not great if you want a nice relaxing walk.  Use harnesses only for working activities when you wish to encourage the dog to pull, and make sure you have the correct type of harness for each activity.  For information about harnesses go to the Windchill Dog Gear website.

We like to pursue all sorts of activities with our Malamutes once they are mature enough, and a dog that can achieve reasonable success in working activities is obviously a sound specimen of the breed.  Showing our dogs is also important as achieving the Australian Champion title is an indication to us that the Malamute is also a reasonable specimen of the breed.  It is important to us to breed Malamutes that not only look like Malamutes should, but are sound enough to work like Malamutes should.


Weight-pulling is not a sport in which all dogs will excel, however many different breeds take part with success. There is no doubt that Malamutes are strong dogs that are capable of pulling great weights, but it all comes down to whether or not they want to pull. And if they don't, bad luck because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

It is important that your dog doesn't have any bad experiences at a weight-pull, either in or out of the chute, so make sure that it is fun for your dog, give your dog plenty of encouragement and praise no matter how well or poorly he performed, and never chastise a dog for not pulling.

More about Weight Pullng

Right:  Some handlers will try anything to get their dog to pull!



Backpacking is an activity that any fit healthy dog will enjoy, whether going on a casual walk carrying some basic items, going to the shops, or taking part in a longer hike or camping trip with your dog carrying it's share of the supplies.

For information about equipment for backpacking with your dog go to the Windchill Dog Gear website.

More about Backpacking


Sledding.jpg (209359 bytes)Sledding with a Malamute is an ideal way to give your dog plenty of the exercise he needs participating an activity that the breed was born to do.  Most Malamutes take readily to pulling in harness if fit and healthy, with the instinct to pull coming naturally.

More about Sledding


Written by Sandy Koch for Malamutes 4 Adoption - not to be reproduced without acknowledgement


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